Olayinka Chadwick Boseman

5 Lessons I Learnt In 2018 And My Focus Words For 2019

JazākAllāhu Khayran, I really enjoyed reading this post and especially liked the Muhammad Ali quotes with each topic.

Great idea with the focus words! For me, my 2018 focus words are: Zcourage, boundaries and self-worth. In 2019 in shā Allāh, I want to pause, reflect and listen.

Many thanks for your work. It gives me great insights when I read your posts. Shukran

Hi everyone!

As it is the end of the year, I’ve asked people on my Instagram to give me a topic to write about. This first topic is from a dear friend of mine, Miss Nakiliah aka eyeameproject who wanted me to write on:

The 5 lessons you learned this year.

If you follow me on Instagram, feel free to add to the topics because I promise to reply to every single one In sha Allah. 

The lessons I’ve learned this year is quite a heavy topic so I thought the best way to answer it is to take you all through my focus words for 2018 and my new ones for 2019.


“I set out on a journey of love, seeking truth, peace and understanding. I am still learning.” – Muhammad Ali


I decided on this word early in January on my way home from a bridal…

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